CIE Consensus Pricing®

Pricing legal services is a hot topic. So we regularly talk to our clients about it. Overwhelmingly, they tell us that they want value, certainty and control.

So we set about creating an approach to pricing that delivers this to every single client of CIE Legal.

CIE Consensus Pricing® is the result.

With CIE Consensus Pricing®, we scope work carefully and agree the approach to pricing with you up-front. Whether it’s an in-depth analysis or a light-touch review, we find out what you want and deliver accordingly. No ‘it could be this or it could be that’. No ‘this is how we do it here’.  Just a lived belief in putting clients’ needs at their heart of all we do.

What is CIE Consensus Pricing®?
  • agreed up-front
  • driven by your needs
  • flexible
  • established through consensus
  • focused on value
  • transparent
How do we price?

We don’t presume to know what’s best for your business. Instead, we listen to your needs. Then we scope our work and price it in consensus with you. Often this results in fixed fees, but we also use:

  • value-based pricing
  • hourly rates
  • retainers
  • subscriptions
  • menu pricing (for recurring tasks)

The point is that you have options and the approach is agreed with you up-front. You choose. You are in control.

How do we "Consensus Price"?

Our simple three stage model enables us to price accurately and you to budget effectively.

  1. Consensus chat: We speak to you about your requirements, including what you want to achieve and the deliverables you expect.
  2. Consensus scope: We create a clear scope of work and provide pricing options.
  3. Consensus price: We agree the scope and price. Then we start work.

For more on CIE Consensus Pricing® and our approach to working with you, take a look at this short video.

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