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We take our promise of “with you for the journey” seriously, which is why we developed our legal support service: CIE Counsel.

CIE Counsel is the ideal solution for busy organisations looking to ease the burden of business-as-usual legal work. The stuff that you can’t get to, or you don’t know how to do but someone in our team does.

CIE Counsel

For a single monthly fee, CIE Counsel provides:

  • outsourced counsel, to handle day-to-day legal work,
  • cover for absences, or
  • resource to support existing teams where there’s a peak in workload.

Robust processes and systems and clear communication are critical to making this work, so we’ve used our experience to create a package that provides all the essentials:

  • matter intake systems – fitting in with our your workflow systems, or deploying ours, to make instruction, tracking and reporting easy and efficient for your legal and business teams
  • a single account manager – service delivery led by a relationship manager
  • a dedicated team – that becomes familiar with your business and suite of work.

CIE Counsel is:

  • predictable – single agreed monthly fee
  • efficient – we get straight to work without the housekeeping of opening new matters when work comes in
  • people oriented – with a dedicated relationship manager and team, you know exactly who you’re dealing with
  • responsive – efficient and responsive communication supported by agreed response times for different matter types
  • liberating – we lift your mental load, freeing-up capacity to address your critical issues
  • scalable – our solution can grow as your need grows
  • flexible – no lock-ins. If your needs change, we can tailor a package to suit your particular requirements.

When we say ‘flexible’, we mean it. We can work with your systems or use our own:

  • your systems – if you already have your own systems in place to manage workflows, we will work with them
  • our systems – if you’re on the look-out for processes and technology to make life easier, use our solution to manage instruction, workflow and reporting.
CIE Counsel: A scalable, adaptable model that’s efficient, predictable and focused on your needs.

“The model is good – we know CIE Legal well – we have one consistent point of engagement and one simple way of working plus the consistency of one bill per month, even though the work will ebb and flow. It’s very valuable to be able to spread out the cost. It also makes us a little less gun-shy to pick up the phone – we can get advice when we need it and that’s really useful.”

Liam Creedon, Chief Financial Officer, Mansfields Pty Ltd

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