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A streamlined approach reaps rewards

A streamlined approach reaps rewards

Sponsorships and competition draws form an important part of this client’s promotional activities, with as many as 15 promotional campaigns running in any one year. Heavily regulated, these campaigns require an audit-able approach to each and every draw, as well as separate permits in each state or territory in which the draw takes place.

By 2016, these promotional activities had become a time-consuming channel of work for our client, with several separate external advisers being involved at different stages in each campaign. The result was an inefficient, costly process that occupied more of the client’s resources than necessary.


CIE Legal – one of the separate advisers – saw an opportunity to help by streamlining the process and, as a result, saving time and money. Raph Goldenberg, CIE’s lead partner suggested a new approach to the CRM and Sponsorships Senior Manager, whereby CIE handled the entire process from start to finish for a fixed fee.

Working with the Senior Manager, Raph developed a six-stage approach that minimised the client’s involvement in the process and maximised value at each stage. Now, after a briefing from the client, CIE prepares the terms and conditions for each draw, a process which is highly efficient because the CIE team has developed a standard set of terms that require only minor amendments each time. Then CIE applies for all necessary permits in the relevant states and territories and conducts the draw itself in their offices. CIE Legal then informs the client of the winner and fulfils the obligation to publish the winner in The Australian.

“It’s a really quick process now and CIE have delivered real efficiencies… CIE add that extra layer of rigour. I have the confidence that the promotions are being handled thoroughly and that everything is covered.”


“Before CIE Legal changed things, it was difficult to manage the number of promotions we were holding” says the client’s CRM and Sponsorships Senior Manager, “but this systematic approach has changed all of that.”

Rigour and support

Efficiency is not the only benefit. In my job, where things turn-around very quickly, it is good to know that someone you trust is looking out for you”.


CIE Legal’s Raph Goldenberg echoes this positivity. “It was great that our client was open to our suggestion of re-engineering the process. They were willing to hear new ideas from us and we have worked in partnership to develop the new approach. It’s fantastic to create something that delivers such tangible, measurable benefits”.


It’s this focus on the delivery of results as well as the technical legal issues that sets CIE Legal apart. Says the client, “in some ways, this new approach is so simple, but creating it required someone who was able to see the wood for the trees. What CIE Legal have done is provide us with a platform that enables us to handle a large number of promotions seamlessly and move quickly to roll-out new ones”.

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