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Upholding Consumer Rights: ACCC's Vigilance in the Australian Market

Upholding consumer rights: ACCC’s vigilance in the Australian market

With a focus on addressing cost of living concerns, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is cracking down on practices that may harm consumers and market competition.
26 March 2024
Why Networking is So Important for Young Professionals

Why networking is so important for young professionals

As a young lawyer, I had no idea of the impact networking would have on my long-term career. I assumed that behaving decently and doing a good job would be enough to succeed. It took me about seven years to realise that building relationships was a key part of forging my own path.
20 March 2024
Andrew Thompson

CIE Legal partner on lawyers needing to chill out

Our partner, Andrew Thompson, recently sat down with the folks at Australasian Lawyer to discuss his unusual pathway into the law.
5 March 2024
Avoiding Partnership Disputes: Five Keys to Dodging Disagreements

Avoiding Partnership Disputes: Five Keys to Dodging Disagreements

Partnerships often play a pivotal role in fostering growth, innovation, and mutual success for all types of organisations.
22 February 2024
Andrew Thompson

CIE Legal advises Optimus Group on the landmark $44 million acquisition of Autocare

Leading commercial and automotive law firm CIE Legal is advising Optimus Group on the acquisition of LINX CCG’s Autocare business.
15 February 2024
Deciphering Deceptive Fuel Labels: High Court Verdict

Deciphering deceptive fuel labels: High court verdict

In December 2023, the High Court found in favour of Mitsubishi in its long-running fuel consumption label litigation.
15 February 2024
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