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CIE Legal's Mo-tivation:
Hairy Fundraising and
Contract Magic for Movember

CIE Legal's Mo-tivation: Hairy Fundraising and Contract Magic for Movember

CIE Legal raises funds for Movember…

So many individuals and organisations are raising funds for men’s health this November and CIE Legal is no exception. Yes, the global phenomenon that is Movember is here again and it’s bigger than ever. In our corner of the world, more than 20 CIEers will become hairier or mov-e 60kms to raise funds for this important cause and the firm has pledged to match all contributions.

…and there’s more

In other, less hairy news, CIE Legal has assisted Movember’s fundraising in other ways this year. Over the last few months, we have co-designed and created a technology solution to enable Movember business units across the globe to self-create standard contracts that comply with the each jurisdiction’s requirements.

Says Movember’s Global General Counsel and Company Secretary Cate Bennett, “Movember has a big presence in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA and run fundraising competitions in all those jurisdictions. Creating compliant sets of Ts & Cs to suit each location was a time-consuming task and our legal team was convinced we could do it smarter. That’s when our Managing Legal Counsel Claire Humphries put us in touch with CIE Legal.”

“A small CIE Legal team quickly identified our issues and proposed a solution. Their software developer created a prototype within a couple of weeks which we could review and play around with. From then onwards, it was a case of refining and then deploying it.”

“The solution enables colleagues across the globe to create their own standardised Ts & Cs without reverting to the legal team. To achieve this, CIE Legal helped us define our parameters and a set of easy-to-understand questions from which they created a simple interface that colleagues complete to generate their contract.”

“It’s early days, but since deploying the solution, feedback from our people is extremely positive. Its helped us launch new competitions faster, reduced our risk by creating compliant Ts & Cs, and allowed our legal team to spend precious hours focusing on supporting more complex or risky projects.”

CIE Legal’s Peter George echoes Cate’s enthusiasm for the solution, “Our job is to help clients capitalise on opportunities and minimise risk. There are multiple ways to do that and not all take the form of traditional legal advice. The technology solution we developed for Movember is a simple, but effective way to help Movember grow its fundraising across the globe and we were delighted to work on it with Cate and Claire.”

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