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Operating a franchising system can be an intimidating prospect. Our team simplifies complex legislation to help franchisors operate robust, compliant and profitable networks.
CIE Legal Franchising

A common distribution channel for consumer goods, franchising is a specialist area of expertise for CIE Legal. We help new franchisors to build successful networks and work with established franchisors to streamline and simplify their operations.

We’ll navigate the complexity of Australian franchise law to help you establish a solid legal and compliance foundation for your business that will avoid costly problems later down the line. And where problems do arise, we’ll help resolve disputes in a way that minimizes the cost, productivity, and reputational risk to your business.

“We help franchisors operate robust, compliant and profitable networks.”

Our franchising expertise includes:

  • drafting and negotiating franchise agreements (including master franchise and area development agreements)
  • preparing and advising on disclosure documents and key facts sheets (as prescribed under the Franchising Code of Conduct)
  • advising on all aspects of compliance with the Franchising Code of Conduct
  • contract management (including the roll out of franchise agreements in a Code compliant manner)
  • franchisor buy-backs and re-franchising
  • restructuring and rationalising franchise networks
  • preparing and reviewing operational processes, procedures and manuals for franchised networks
  • structuring new networks
  • transfers and buy/sells
  • breach and termination of franchise agreements
  • disputes between franchisors and franchisees

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