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Swift and decisive action recovers funds for online retailer

Swift and decisive action recovers funds for online retailer

When our client (a household-name online retailer), needed assistance in recovering funds from a supplier, they turned to Mark Waters, Joel Bierenkrant and the team at CIE Legal for help.”

New supplier relationship

“We didn’t know the supplier well”, says our client, “but they were referred to us by a contact we have known for a long time, so we were happy to enter into an arrangement with them to supply healthcare-related goods.”

Goods not supplied

“However, they did not supply the goods as required and didn’t provide us with a refund for the cancelled order. They went silent on us and, after several unsuccessful attempts to recover the money, we contacted Mark Waters to assist.”

Action to recover

As a first step, Mark issued a statutory demand. “We received no response to this, so we commenced action to wind-up the company, and CIE told them we were doing that.”

“At the eleventh hour, we received a refund of the money we had paid.”

Successful outcome

Says our client, “Mark and his team quickly and efficiently produced the statutory demand and all of the work associated with the winding up: this allowed us to take action rapidly and recover the funds as quickly as we could.”

“The supplier’s strategy of ignoring or evading our communications was ultimately unsuccessful. We’re happy with the outcome we achieved working with CIE Legal’s disputes team.”

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