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Episode 7: ‘The Golden Hour’ with Allan Briggs and Robert Hadler


For the seventh episode of Legally Consumed, our co-hosts delved into the world of cybersecurity – a critical topic for consumer products companies as so many hold sensitive data. We spoke to Crisis Management expert Allan Briggs and seasoned corporate communications adviser and board member Robert Hadler. As the CEO and Founder of Crisis Shield, a crisis management firm, Allan’s experience managing public relations for Victoria Police and Victoria State Emergency Services gives him the ability to handle situations where there is no margin for error.

Robert is a career executive with a foundation as a policy advisor and in corporate affairs. He has a proven track record in crisis management and reputation strategies with roles at multiple FMCG and retail organisations including Coles, Goodman Fielder and NAB. He has also served as a board member for various organisations, advising best practice communications strategies and stakeholder engagement.

This episode explores the particular issues that holding customer data raises, including the importance of preparing for a cyber attack. It also highlights the crucial importance of an organisation-wide approach to navigating critical incidents. With Optus, Medibank and Latitude as examples, both guests stress the value of having the crisis management team and business continuity plan in place and co-ordinated, to ensure your business is doing its best to protect customers and other stakeholders, should the worst happen.

If you are interested in how to prepare your business for a critical incident or want to learn more about the importance of managing communications during high-profile crises, then this podcast is for you.

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The Golden Hour with Allan Briggs and Robert Hadler

The Golden Hour with Allan Briggs and Robert Hadler

In the latest episode of Legally Consumed, we had the pleasure of hosting Robert Hadler and Allan Briggs to discuss the importance of cybersecurity with a focus on sensitive customer data. Allan, also known as ‘The Crisis Guy’, is the founder and CEO of Crisis Shield, a crisis management firm. Robert has over 40 years’ experience as a senior advisor at board and executive levels, and is a trusted authority in crisis management.
30 October 2023
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